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"Sound design and music courtesy of Eric Backus has a cinematic quality that fits the play beautifully."

This Bitter Earth - About Face Theatre

Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat

"Even without composer/lyricist Dolly Parton joining in, the show has never sounded better than it does in Firebrand's revival."

9 to 5 The Musical - Firebrand Theatre

Catey Sullivan, Windy City Times

"Eric Backus as the sound designer brings the era to life even before the house lights go down with music from the war years."

Churchill (Off-Broadway) - SoloChicago Theatre

- Jeff Myhre, NY Theatre Guide


"...a lush, clean and full sound that makes the songs soar."

Company - Lyric Opera Theatre at Arizona State University

Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway


"Immersive, unnerving sound design and score."

Fun Harmless Warmachine - The New Colony

Conor McShane, PerformInk

"...excellent sound work and music provided by Eric Backus."

Bull in a China Shop - About Face Theatre

Karen Topham, Chicago Onstage

"This production is dressed up beautifully in an abstract set by Sydney Achler and some gorgeous original music by Eric Backus,"

Dead Man's Cell Phone - The Comrades

Karen Topham, Chicago Onstage

"Eric Backus's sound and original music are perfect."

The Opportunities of Extinction

Al Bressloff, Around the Town Chicago

"Eric Backus provides lovely original music and a killer soundtrack..."

Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat

Nice Girl - Raven Theatre

"[T]he throwback 'Morning in America' synths of the show's score (Eric Backus)...wonderfully express the show's underlying themes..."

American Hero - First Floor Theater

Alex Huntsberger, Newcity Stage

"Sound design by Eric Backus [offers] a beautiful take on the key component of Orpheus' music..."

Eurydice - Promethean Theatre Ensemble

Jessie Bond, Chicago Splash

"Heather Skye Sparling’s moody lighting design adds to the mysterious atmosphere, as does Eric Backus’ finely-tuned soundtrack of music and the noises of things going bump in the night."

The Unfortunates - SoloChicago Theatre

Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

"The detailed soundscape designed by Eric Backus, with its outdoor noises balanced by the continual drone of the TV, adds one more layer of realism to this production."

Take Me Back - The Poor Theatre

Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

"Eric Backus’s sound design and composition balances between ironic and jarring, as well as keeping the sometimes-longish transitions between scenes from flagging, with chipper upbeat musical numbers..."

Edgar & Annabel - The Poor Theatre

Kerstin Broockmann, Chicago Stage Standard

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